Clipband and twistband ties

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Clipband, twist ties and twistband ties .

Can be supplied in cut strips or rolls, various colors.
Wires are laminated or ringed clipband or twistband ties to close bags, bakery bags and tie or make bunches.
Easy to use without machines quickly and reusable.
Sale and Supply zip tie to close bag.

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Twist ties easy to use for closing bags and for making masks.

Manufacture of twit tie for manual or machine use. Available in cut to size and in coils for use in all existing machines on the market. New twist tie without metal wire. Made with high-tenacity plastics and without memory, so that the closures are reliable.

Metal-free, for use in microwaveable packaging, and bundles of cables without magnetic fields. Improves waste management and environmental impact. 

We can also manufacture with double wire Clip band or clipband in different colors.