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We have all the solutions for the preparation of bunches of chives, leeks, cables ....

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  • Machine manual tying bundles. Simple, rapid and economical for making any type of tape manojos.Podemos customize with your logo and trazabilidad.Se placed on table and get a very alta.Adecuado productivity for bunches of chives, leeks bunches, bunches of asparagus ...

  • Simple, fast and economical allows making any further bundles easily be able to place a label with all the publicity and traceability necesaria.Fabricamos labels for bundles of chives personalizadas.Adecuado, bunches of leeks, asparagus bundles

  •  Features DP Elastic binderAll kinds of (smaller) products bundled with an Elastic string. Very easy operation. Strong, robust design for heavy use. Easy maintenance and easy to clean. Low noise level. Capacity for all manual jobs..

  • Tying and bundling with  adhesive tape.  .

  • Hand tying tape and staples DPA145 Easy handling for tie with ribbon. Works with agricultural Tape and Staple Magazine capacity 180 staples Tying used to trellis vines and dripping in bunches.

  • Anchor gums. Gums anchor designed for holding and guiding of strains quickly and easily, tomato vines or any other vegetation. Not necesari no tools for installation. Rubber bands that allow thickening and growth of the branch or trunk of the plant without damaging it.

  • Special rubber bands. Through our bundle rubbers we eliminate a large part of the unnecessary plastic to pack various types of agricultural products and others. The marketing of fruit and vegetables in plastic containers will be prohibited in retail businesses in Spain from 2023.

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items